Tree Care brings an exceptional level of creativity, expertise and capabilities to residential and commercial landscaping. When done right, landscaping can be the home or business owner’s best investment, adding tremendous value and aesthetic appeal to any property. Tree Care is often involved in the earliest design stages of a landscaping project, recommending on layout, materials, plantings, water features, walls and walkways and the hundreds of other details that go into a successful landscaping project.

These projects run the gamut, and include:

  • Design and installation of brick patios and walkways

  • Installation of ponds and water features

  • Landscape design

  • Installation of trees, shrubs and perennials

  • Boulder work

  • Installation of landscape lighting

Whether it’s a single tree planting, or the transformation of a complete landscape many acres in size, Tree Care has the expertise and resources needed to quickly and efficiently implement a design that fits your particular needs. Our people are highly trained and experienced, and draw on capabilities of modern and efficient equipment, including:

  • Bobcats

  • Kenworth

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: Producing Our Own Mulch and Topsoil

Every year, hundreds of tons of trees, trimmings and brush once destined for the landfill or burning now live on as much-needed mulch and topsoil for Tree Care Enterprises’ landscaping projects. It’s lean, ‘green’ and, most importantly, clean. Our topsoil is free of the harmful contaminants you often find in topsoil that comes from many commercial sources. For these operations, we use special equipment that has an insatiable appetite for breaking down even the largest logs and brush. Here’s how it works…

Landscape Lighting

Nothing enhances your outdoor living area like landscape lighting. Tree Care offers a variety of residential and commercial landscape lighting solutions to add visual depth and drama to your home, gardens, walkways, and office and building exteriors. We’re expert at offering the right lighting solution, whether the objective is safety, entertaining, or dramatic nighttime aesthetics. We are on the leading edge of new LED lighting systems designed to reduce your costs with greater energy efficiency and reduced bulb replacement costs.

Contact Tree Care and our lighting expert Adam Young for a landscape lighting consultation, and to match the latest landscape lighting solutions to your particular needs — whether a straightforward retrofit of an outdated incandescent bulb system with the latest LEDs, or a complete new system designed to add value and visual appeal to your property.