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Trim It Up, Take It Down, Make It Look Great

We’re the stateline area’s expert arborists, specializing in the care and removal of trees, and landscaping and lawncare. For 40 years and counting, we’ve tended to thousands of trees, kept hundreds of lawns looking great, and created spectacular landscaping that adds value to homes and businesses. Now we’re ready for your next project…

Trust Our Experienced, Certified Arborists


Not all arborists are created equal.

Along with the expertise that comes with 40 years of experience, Tree Care Enterprises Arborists are ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified. ISA establishes the industry’s most rigorous examination to ensure the highest possible standards for tree care and management.


To be the best, you need 'best practices.'

Tree Care Enterprises is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, our industry’s leading trade association. TCIA Accreditation results from a comprehensive audit every three years to evaluate how a business and its employees operate. Accreditation is a reflection of continuous training at every level of our company.


When it comes to safety – no shortcuts!

Working with large trees and powerful equipment requires the utmost care and safety – for worker and customer alike. Our unparalleled record of safety shows we give every job the respect it deserves. Safety training for all our employees starts on Day One. We adhere to the latest industry guidelines and safety standards for trimming, removing and maintaining trees, with an emphasis on preventing accidents before they can occur.

Tree Care Enterprises Wins National Recognition

Tree Care Enterprises has been named one of the nation’s Top-20 accredited tree care companies by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). TCIA is the industry’s leading organization, with accreditation programs designed to raise industry safety and professionalism to the highest levels. Based on auditor visits, workers’ comp modification rates and overall commitment to safety, Tree Care Enterprises was among those 20 companies that scored the highest.

Thanks to the Tree Care team for making this achievement possible!

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Getting started with Tree Care Enterprises is easy. Give us a call today to launch your project, whether it's a tree in need of treatment, landscaping looking for that ``wow`` factor, or simply a lackluster lawn waiting to be reborn. Felicia and Lori will take it from there, scheduling a first visit with your Tree Care Enterprises arborist expert.