There’s more to proper tree care than chain saws and trucks, and ‘one size definitely does not fit all’. Whether it’s the preservation of a historic tree, making the correct diagnosis for insects or disease, recommending on the right mix of new trees for your property, or responding fast to damage done by Mother Nature, Tree Care Enterprises offers more resources and expertise.

We have eight certified arborists on staff – all with years of experience in recommending the appropriate course of action for any tree care requirement. Included in the many services we offer are:

  • Fertilization

  • Pruning

  • Stump grinding

  • Scientifically based and expert driven insect and disease treatment and prevention (including the Emerald Ash Borer)

  • Removals and transplanting

  • Construction site management

  • Maintenance programs for protecting your investment of mature trees

  • Storm damage response

Most importantly, we have an exceptional team of well-trained, annually certified personnel, operating a complete array of modern, productive and safe equipment that can be ‘scaled’ to meet any tree care challenge – from planting a few small saplings, to removing a giant fallen oak. We have a diverse array of modern, efficient equipment including:

  • Chippers

  • Log loader for handling even the largest logs

  • Bucket truck

  • Spider lift

Mulching Techniques for Better Tree Health

Mulch preserves soil moisture, moderates soil temperatures, reduces the growth of weeds, and prevents compaction. It also protects trees from getting nicked by a lawn mower since the grass is removed ahead of mulching. Follow these guidelines below for more effective mulching:

  • Apply 2-3 inches of mulch over the tree roots. Don’t dump it in mounds since it is expensive and doing so might result in the roots developing in the mulch instead of the ground.
  • Don’t pile up mulch on the tree trunk as it can lead to collar-rotting diseases, which will, in turn, cause your tree to die. Let the bark breathe by making a barrier between the tree and the mulch.
  • Maintain the mulch from time to time. Spread it out evenly if it is pushed onto the tree to protect the tree roots and bark. Periodic maintenance will not only make your tree thrive but will also keep your yard looking neat and tidy.