Keeping History Alive

50 years before the start of the American Revolution, and almost 100 years before Illinois achieved statehood, a tiny green ash tree seedling emerged in a small woodland clearing just north of what is now Rockford. That seedling is today a mighty, 80 ft. tall, 100 ft. wide green ash said to be the oldest of its kind in Illinois. Fortunately, it stands a good chance of going strong for years to come, thanks to Tree Care’s application of life-saving treatments to protect it from the emerald ash borer beetle. These treatments, applied in a fast, simple process every two years, have proven to be 100% effective if applied before the tree begins dying. For green, white and black ash that go untreated, the odds of survival are very small. Most have already died or been removed in our area. If you have an ash tree that needs saving, historic or not, call Tree Care Enterprises to learn more about treatment, at: 815-965-5757